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Welcome to the ultimate saltwater pool service, tailored for the discerning homeowners of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. Bo Knows Pools brings a new level of excellence to saltwater pool maintenance, combining our deep local expertise with the specific care your unique pool requires.

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  • Saltwater Testing
  • Chlorine Generation
  • Saltwater Equipment Care
Bo Knows Pool Service in Scottsdale Arizona

Salt Water Pool Service Visit Includes:


Salt Level and System Checks: ✅
(Essential for salt water pools, we carefully monitor and adjust salt levels to ensure optimal water condition and system performance.)


Comprehensive Water Testing: ✅
(In addition to salt, we test for alkalinity, pH, and stabilizer levels, adjusting as needed to maintain the perfect balance for your pool's health and comfort.)


Chlorine Generation Management: ✅
(We ensure your saltwater pool's chlorine generator is functioning efficiently, providing the right amount of chlorine to keep your water sparkling without the harshness.)


Saltwater Pool Equipment Care: ✅
(Saltwater systems require specific attention, and our team is equipped to maintain, repair, and advise on the best practices for your filters, pumps, and skimmers, keeping everything running smoothly.)


Standard Pool Cleaning Service: ✅
Everything included in our weekly pool cleaning service is also included for saltwater pools.

Bo's Guarantee

Local Saltwater Specialists

Our team lives and breathes Scottsdale and Paradise Valley pools, with a particular focus on saltwater systems' nuanced needs. We're not just pool experts but saltwater specialists committed to delivering AZ's best saltwater pool services.

Customized Saltwater Care

Understanding that every saltwater pool has its personality, we tailor our services to meet its specific needs—from salt levels to system efficiency, ensuring your pool remains a crystal-clear haven.

Consistent, Familiar Service

Just like our freshwater friends, saltwater pools benefit from our commitment to consistency. The same expert technician will tend to your pool each visit, ensuring personalized care that feels like family.

Saltwater Pool Service FAQs

How do saltwater and chlorine pools differ in maintenance?

Saltwater pools utilize a salt chlorine generator, which gives them a more natural feel. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, they require specific checks for salt levels and chlorine generation.

How often should salt levels be checked?

Monthly checks should be performed, but more frequent monitoring may be necessary depending on usage and weather conditions.

Do saltwater pools need fewer chemicals?

Saltwater systems naturally produce chlorine, which helps in reducing the need for additional chemicals.

What maintenance does a saltwater pool system require?

To maintain water quality, water quality, regular checks are needed for salt levels, system functionality, and chlorine generation.

Here’s What Your Neighbors Say

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Switching to a saltwater system was a big step for us, and Bo Knows Pools made the transition seamless. Their knowledge of saltwater pools and meticulous attention to our Scottsdale home's specific needs have been impressive.

Marsha K. Saltwater Pool Service client in Scottsdale AZ

Jenny D. - A Scottsdale Homeowner

5 star review

I've been using Bo Knows Pools for our saltwater pool maintenance in Paradise Valley, and the difference is night and day. The team is professional, thorough, and always goes the extra mile to ensure our pool is perfect.

Robert M. Saltwater Pool Service client in Paradise Valley

Robert M. - A Paradise Valley Resident

5 star review

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